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Helping our soldiers prepare for war

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Yesterday, I went with Cecilia to the grocery store. Cecilia is the mother of a soldier. Their unit was preparing to leave her Moshav (farming neighborhood) where they had been staying to move closer to Gaza. We bought coffee, disposable cups, plates, silverware, tuna (lots of tuna!), toilet paper, paper towels, large bags of rice, and so much more, including 96 2-liter bottles of water. It took 30 minutes just to check out.

When we arrived at the place where the army group was staying, grateful soldiers unloaded the car.

Last night, that group left and 500 more soldiers arrived at 10 PM. Elana was there with others to greet them. One young man’s mother came to surprise him for his birthday. Everyone was dancing and singing “Happy Birthday.” Sadly, for some, it could be their last. I am amazed at the level of morale.

Tonight, the mayor of our city, Ashkelon, is coming to Moshav Nehora, where the 500 soldiers are in for a treat with another Al Ha’Ash (remember yesterday). We have worked with the mayor in the past, providing bomb shelters. Elana and I will go and serve any way we can.


I was doing a Facebook Live yesterday when my phone began to warn of incoming Hamas rockets. We live in the main target area, Ashkelon, but we are staying with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. They live closer to Gaza but in a small town that has not been targeted.

I could see the Iron Dome missile shooting up looking for a target. Then, several booms, indicating success. It was a surreal moment standing in a beautiful field, just before sundown. You can skip to 10:10 if you want to see.

Latest News

  • The IDF has identified 199 hostages. There could be more that are unidentified.

  • The IDF is evacuating Israelis from 21 towns at our northern border because of attacks from Hezbollah.

  • US citizens are taking ships from Haifa Bay to escape Israel. We were offered a private jet ride out, but we feel grace to be with our people. We can’t fight, but we can support!

  • The Israeli Army killed the terrorist who planned the October 7th massacre.

  • Israel is preparing for a deadly ground invasion, but is being tight-lipped about the exact timing.

  • This is not for the fainthearted. CNN has reenacted the events of October 7th. It is hard to watch, but it must be documented.

Yesterday, we also sent $10,000 to believers who brought in hundreds of Casio G-shock watches for soldiers. In the video below, they are thanking you!

You might be wondering why they need watches. Most don’t even have a watch; they use their phone to tell time. But in the army, they take your phone before you go into a battle. Taking your phone is very dangerous. It can be used against soldiers. In addition, their commanders may say, “Be here in 10 minutes.” Without a phone, they have no way of knowing what 10 minutes is. So, we are providing watches. The G-Shock can handle being hit or stepped on. We wanted them to have something sturdy. My friend estimates that out of the 360,000 called up, 100,000 don’t have watches. While the army provides (or is supposed to) everything a soldier needs, they don’t provide watches. I remember taking my daughter Sharon to buy a watch 15 years ago before she enlisted.

Everyone in Israel is amazed at the generosity. Thank you so much. With your help, we are going to continue to be a blessing to Israel in this crucial moment. You can make your heart and voice heard at

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