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They were killed in battle... Many still need your help!

You, our supporters have stood with Alexandroni Brigade’s 9203rd Battalion since mid-October. Whenever they have had a need, you have come through. Through your assistance, lives have been saved. Regrettably, two soldiers lost their lives in battle last week. Kindly read this article to pay tribute to their memory.

Omer Smadga and Saadia Yaakov Derai were laid to rest on Friday, while three of their comrades sustained serious injuries in the same assault. Let us pray for a complete recovery for these three soldiers. 

Sgt. First Class (res.) Omer Smadga, 25, from Genot Hadar in central Israel, was the son of a retired judo star, Oren Smadga. The father turned 54 on Thursday, the same day his son was killed in Gaza. In 1992, Oren Smadga won an Olympic bronze medal in judo for Israel and currently serves as the judo coach of the Israel Men’s Olympic team.

Sgt. First Class (res.) Saadia Yaakov Derai, 27, from Tel Aviv, was the son of well-known right-wing news pundit and social activist, Laly Derai.

“My Saadia was a boy who put everyone else’s will before his own,” Laly Derai eulogized her son in a statement. “He did a lot more than was expected of him in every field. He was a smart student, studied for the rabbinate exams, and began studying for his bachelor’s degree in teaching.”


Dovev, their commander, sent me a video clip the other day. A terrorist is trying to infiltrate their unit, but because of the video system we purchased, they could see him before he hurt anyone and respond. I am not in the military and take no delight in death. But these terrorists are bent on murder and destruction. They do not regret October 7—not from the standpoint of killing Jews and not because of the response it brought from Israel against Gaza. They don’t care. But our young men and women are not only bravely protecting Israel but are hopeful this will bring about a better future for Gaza. 

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