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The Painful (and Recent) History of Antisemitism

As we have been discussing in recent weeks, attacks on the Jewish people are not a new phenomenon. The history of antisemitism is a tragic and long one.

Before Hitler, Martin Luther spewed venomous hate toward the Jewish people, after he failed in his mission to persuade them that Jesus was the Messiah.

Prior to Luther, there was the Spanish Inquisition, forced baptisms, or exile (or even death). And for centuries before that, the Church was relentless in degrading and humiliating (and worse!) the Jewish people in their communities. Let’s just say, Hitler wasn’t the first one to come up with the idea of the yellow “Juden” star-shaped patch for Jews to wear.

In today’s episode of “The Jewish Aversion to Jesus…Why?” we look more at this history, in the hope that it helps us learn more how to pray for and love better the Jewish people.

Thank you for your love and support for my people. Israel needs it now more than ever.

Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26),

Ron Cantor

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Hannah W
Hannah W
Apr 12, 2023

It should be noted that the Spanish Inquisition was really a declaration of war on those in their church who today would be called Messianic Jews.

The 1492 Edict stated the goal was to keep the Jewish Catholic converts ("New Christians" or "Conversos") from integrating the Law of Moses into their Christian faith. Those who resisted were burned at the stake.


Apr 10, 2023

Just saying, true Christians CAN'T be hating anybody.

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