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A lot of people that asked me how I feel about Netanyahu giving up on annexation in order for peace trees with several Arab states. I’m still praying about it. I certainly love the idea of being in good relationships with other nations. But one thing I do know, is when Iran 🇮🇷 is threatening the 🇦🇪 and the Palestinian leadership including Hamas is livid, it means it was probably a good decision.

More and more of the Arab world is turning against Iran. They are left with Lebanon, Syria and Yemen (three countries on the verge of collapse) We’ll see what happens with Iraq. But the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations are developing closer ties to Israel, and distancing themselves from Iran. The balance of power is shifting in the Middle East. 

Annexation was never real

I also do not believe that annexation was ever a legitimate plan but a fake plan in order to make this real peace deal work. It’s like having a goat in the room. I got this analogy from journalist Elihu Ben On yesterday (pictured) when I interviewed him. Annexation was the goat in the room. Whenever someone asks you to do somethings, you can say, I would love to but you, see there is the goat in the room, I have to deal with. The Arab states could say to Israel as long as the goat is in the room we can’t make peace with you. The real goat in the room is the lack of. a Palestinian State—which can’t happened for many reasons, such the fact that they embrace terrorism and Gaza is governed by Hamas.

So Trump and Netanyahu had to replace one goat with another. By talking about annexing areas within the West Bank, the whole world was threatening Israel. Europe was mad, the Arabs were livid–but with the Trump wink, it seemed that Bibi was going to do it. However, they had no intention. Instead it became the new “goat in the room.” For sure the UAB was in on it. They would demand from Israel to back off from annexation in exchange for peace. Israeli would agree. Each could come home with a victory. The UAE says, “We got Israel to back off on annexation.” Bibi tells Israel, “I have achieved peace with an enemy.” They were all in on it, and politically it was brilliant. It enabled the Arab states to make peace with Israel without a Palestinian terrorist state (which is the real goat in the room). 

Bothered and Happy

Israelis are very excited, except for the far right. They are livid and feel that Netanyahu betrayed them. On the other hand, most Israelis can’t wait to visit Dubai. Omer Adam, our biggest pop star, is making plans for a concert. Still, prophetically, I am bothered. The fact that we are now not going to annex land that God gave to us—land that no country has claimed as their own—saddens me. It is not about land. It is about prophecy. This land is alive with prophetic significance. But, it does feel good to have a few less people not wanting to annihilate you and your country.

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