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Tensions remain high on the northern border after second infiltration attempt in a week

The Israeli military bombed Syrian military and intelligence targets on Monday night, after the second infiltration attempt between Lebanon and the Golan Heights

The Jewish state — though frequently blamed — rarely takes credit for airstrikes in Syria and Iran. This time, however, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israel’s enemies that attacking Israel will come with consequences.

“We hit a cell and now we hit who sent them,” he said on Tuesday. “We will do what we need to do in order to protect ourselves and I suggest to everyone, including Hezbollah, to take that into account that these are not just statements but statements with a heavy weight of the State of Israel and the IDF. They should be taken seriously.”

Israel bombed Syrian observation posts, intelligence gathering equipment, anti-aircraft cannons and command-and-control infrastructure, the IDF said in a statement.

“The IDF sees the Syrian regime as responsible for all activities that occur in its territory and will continue to act with determination against all violations of the sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

Fifteen people were killed in the Syrian attacks.

On Sunday night, four suspects were spotted trying to enter Israeli territory from the Syrian side of the security fence. Surveillance footage shows them planting bombs and then retreating. Israeli soldiers and aircraft opened fire at the militants, killing them. No Israeli soldiers were injured.

Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist group based in Lebanon, has been vowing revenge since one of its fighters was killed in an apparent Israeli airstrike in Damascus last month. It is unclear which group was responsible for this infiltration attempt and one last week where four terrorists attempted to breach the Israel-Lebanon border.

After Sunday’s attack, the IDF found a gun, as well as a backpack with several more bombs, ready for use all 25 meters into Israeli territory.

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