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[Podcast 27] Obama and Syria, Gas Mask Shortage and Teaching from Ron

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Tal and Ron bring you this weeks current events including:

  1. The rush for gas masks amongst Israelis

  2. Obama’s delay in striking Syria

  3. Egypt: Ron and Tal wonder what is happening there now as Syria has taken over the new

Ron continues his series on “Jews, Gentiles and the Torah”.

This weeks featured interview is with Messianic worship leader and musician artist, Greg Silverman. There is also a sample of his music at the end of the podcast!

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Show Notes:

“Maoz’s Backpacks for the West Bank Project”

“Ron’s blog on assembling gas mask- including photo”

“Panic for Gas Masks in Tel Aviv (Maoz Video)”

“Click here to buy music by Greg Silverman, this week’s featured artist and interview!”

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