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Obama: It’s all in the Family (Iran Deal)

If you prefer to read, the transcript is below.

Speaking about the Iran Deal, the president told a Jewish audience last week,

“Like all families, sometimes there are going to be disagreements. And sometimes people get angrier about disagreements in families than with folks that aren’t family.”

He did it again! He is simply amazing when it comes to helping us ignorant folks to understand, to fathom, the depths of his wisdom. The rift between the Obama administration and Israel is kind of like when you and a sibling get in a fight. It can get intense… words are said… but hey, its your bro.

He is brilliant! It reminds of the time I told my wife, “Hey, I am going on a trip for a month. I have given a sex offender, Billy, keys to the house. He may come over, but really he means no harm.” Boy did we get into a fight. She just couldn’t understand that he used to be a rapist. I told her, “Trust me on this one.”

So really when the Obama administration has relentlessly criticized and attacked Netanyahu and Israel for the past seven years, that was just a little sibling rivalry.

Obama is so desperate to push the Iran deal through that at this point I don’t think there is anything that he won’t say to get it through congress. This is no family tiff. The stakes are high. This is about the existence of Israel (Of course I know that God has it all under His control, but it doesn’t excuse Mr. Obama from thinking he knows better.)

If anyone walked away from his webcast with the American Jewish Community, saying, “Oh, I get it now… it’s just family dispute,” then they have been deceived. Hoodwinked by one of the best.

Jewish congressman that vote yes on Iran are betraying their people. They will fill the pockets of Hezbollah and Hamas with money and weapons.

One of rules of family spats is that you don’t attack other family members in front of those outside the family. Yet, Obama publically called out Israel weeks ago in a clear rebuke when he said,

“…every nation in the world that has commented publicly with the exception of the Israeli government has expressed support.”

Of course that sneaky fellow knows all too well that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are all against the dangerous deal as well, but don’t have the backbone Israel does, to speak out against it. Maybe they just don’t feel like family?

Friends, you cannot judge President Obama by his words—he must be judged by his actions. And his hostility towards Israel cannot be hidden. He doesn’t like the idea of a Jewish state in the Middle East, on “Muslim lands”. No, I don’t think he is a secret Muslim, but I do think that he loves Islam.

  1. He grew up with in Indonesia in Islamic school.

  2. He regularly speaks of his high respect for “the Prophet” perverted as he was, and his affection for Islamic tradition.

  3. He refuses to utter the words Islamic Terror.

  4. And He spent 20 years in a racist, anti-Semitic Church. #Reverend Wright.

Friends, we cannot allow ourselves to be sold a bill of goods from one of the slickest salesmen the world has even known. Call your congressman now. Let your voice be heard.


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