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Mother: “It was our prayers to Jesus,” Israeli Arab survives near death Coronavirus

The first person in Israel to contract COVID-19 is returning home and giving credit to Yeshua—Jesus! Johnny is a Christian Arab Israel who works as a bus driver for Christian tourists. He was with the South Koreans in late February that tested positive for the virus after leaving Israel. Within days 100,000 Israelis were in self-quarantine. On Match 4th Johnny was hospitalized and placed in intensive care. The hospital released this statement:

“The first critically ill corona patient has recovered and is returning home. Johnny, a was hospitalized on March 4th and thanks to the professional care that he received, his life has been saved. He feels well and is returning home to family tonight.”

He remained in critical condition and many did not expect him to survive. His doctor, Moshe Matan who works in the intensive care until said:

“I am happy to share good news today, the first corona patient in critical condition in Israel is going home. He’s leaving here when he when he is smiling and feeling good. Considering the condition, he was in just two weeks ago, this is a great achievement for us.”

Johnny, a husband and father from East Jerusalem, almost did not make it. When he arrived at the hospital he was having trouble breathing. His condition deteriorated and he was put in a coma and on a ventilator for a week. When he woke up, he had no idea that he had been out that long.

His condition still did not improve. Only after several more days, did doctor begin to see a positive development. Finally, a test confirmed that the virus was completely out of his system.

“I was very worried, I was afraid to die,” he said. The Israeli medical team fought for his life, and he is now being released and reunited with his family: “The first thing I want to do is go to see my kids.”

In an interview Israeli television his mother says it was, “Our prayer to Jesus.” That saved him. “This was a miracle from Jesus.”

Israel has lowest Death Rate

The death rate in Israel is remarkably low—the lowest in the world, with countries with at least 1,500 cases. So far, 43,537 have died out of the 877,422 cases, or roughly five percent. In Israel out of 5,591 known cases, only 21 people have died, or o.375 percent, 15 times lower than the worldwide average.

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