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Maoz Israel Podcast 005

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Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team are back with the 5th episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!  In this episode,  Ron and Chaim Goldberg discuss the breaking news of the week from Israel, including the latest on the talks to form a government coalition, President Shimon Peres’ historic speech before the European Parliament, and the photo from last year’s war in Gaza that has now proven to be a lie.  In addition Ron talks about how an Orthodox Jewish media personality tried to bully him into silence.

Ron also interviews Messianic Jewish pioneer, Eitan Shishkoff about the incredible work his ministry is doing in Israel.  Plus Ron continues a special teaching series on ‘freedom to worship’ and Ron’s Israeli history lesson looks at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Enjoy!  And please send us feedback at:

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President Shimon Peres’ speech to the EU Parliament

Story about child killed in Gaza that UN now says was caused by Hamas, not Israel 

Watch Israeli news report about ultra-orthodox kidnapping Messianic Jews

Link to Ron’s article explaining the word ‘Palestinian’

Link to Eitan Shishkoff’s ministry ‘Tents of Mercy

The song at the end of the podcast is called ‘Merim Roshi’ from the album ‘Garden of Secrets’ by Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson. It can be ordered via the Maoz online store.

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