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Jordan calls Killing of Terrorist a “Heinous Crime”

A man attacks you with a knife. His intent is to kill you. Somehow you are able to kill him instead. So to be clear, we have two options: 1) Madman with knife murders you (and possibly others) or 2) You kill him.

This is what happened this weekend in Israel. A Jordanian man came across the border into Israel to kill Jews. Security cameras caught the attack on film

Personally, I find footage like that hard to watch. The idea of a Palestinian or in this case, a Jordanian, terrorist plunging upon you with a knife is terrifying. It is a risk Israelis take every day they leave the house. The terrorist is on top of the Israeli, seeking to stab him to death. The Israeli has one option. Fortunately he was carrying a gun and was able to kill his would be killer.

Now I am sure there will be some who was say, “Well, he didn’t have to kill him.” If only you those folks could have switched placed with our victim to show us how its done. A madman is on top of you stabbing you. Your goal is to neutralize him any way possible. There is no time to think, “Okay, where should I shoot him so he will survive.” By that time, the knife may have found its way into the Israelis heart or other vital organ.

But the Jordanians seem to think calling someone a terrorist is fine if it is ISIS or Al Qaeda attacking Muslims, but one of their own, attacking a Jew is not terrorism—actually to Jordan, it would be the unthinkable self-defense that is the real crime.

Jordan on Saturday said an Israeli policeman’s shooting and killing of a Jordanian assailant as he stabbed him repeatedly was “a heinous crime,” and demanded to receive details about the incident from the Israeli government. “The Israeli government, which is the occupying force, bears responsibility for the shooting of a Jordanian citizen in occupied East Jerusalem which led to his martyrdom,” Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad Momani said in a statement. “The government denounces this heinous crime…and has asked Israel to provide full details about it,” he added (

Reading between the lines, he calls Israel an occupying force, seeking to justify the act, calling the terrorist a martyr. Actually Jordan was the illegal occupier of that same territory from 1948 to 1967 (and was not seeking to create a Palestinian state, but make it part of Jordan), when Israel defeated them in the Six Day War. In addition to the area being Biblical Judea and Samaria—part of ancient Israel, it has served as a buffer zone between Israel and her belligerent neighbors, extending the with of the Israel from the indefensible nine miles in some areas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a quick response saying, “It’s time for Jordan to stop playing this double game,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement. “Just as Israel condemns terror attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn terror attacks in Israel. Terror is terror wherever it is.”

If Jordan wants lasting peace in the region, she needs to warn her citizens against attacking Israelis instead of honoring them as martyrs.

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