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Israelis looking to ice cream to console their election woes

Israelis have a popular expression for when something happens twice or if they run into an acquaintance two times in a short period of time: “Pa’am shlishit, glida,” which literally translates to, “Third time, ice cream!”

In other words, “Next time, you owe me ice cream.” Well, ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is capitalizing on this expression inviting Israelis to help create a new flavor of ice cream in honor of the country’s third round of elections in one year.

“We thought that in honor of the elections we would create a new flavor called ‘Third Time Ice Cream,’ but we can’t decide what to put in it,” the company posted on social media. “Any ideas?”

While some Israelis proposed flavors that would reflect their gloomy and frustrated moods, others were more partisan like one Blue and White supporter who suggested vanilla with blueberry to represent the party’s colors.

The Israeli manufacturers of the ice cream company came up with the gimmick a few days after the Knesset officially voted to head to another round of elections. The government has been at an impasse since April 9 when the first elections took place and not one party leader was able to form a government.

The upcoming elections on March 2 could see at least one new character. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who twice failed to form a government these past two elections, is facing a challenger when his Likud party goes to primaries on Dec. 26.

Gideon Saar is hoping to unseat the long-standing prime minister and party leader. Saar is counting on an edge due to Netanyahu’s potentially weakened status after the attorney general announced charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust against the prime minster. Netanyahu’s opponents have been calling on him to resign, which he has refused to do claiming his innocence.

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