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Israeli in New York Finds Yeshua

What an amazing weekend. I am at LaGuardia Airport getting ready to fly back to Richmond. We just concluded our first Desperate for God in Yorktown, NY. However, as great as the ministry was, and it was great, the highlight of the weekend was something I didn’t expect.

During my message on Saturday morning, I asked if anyone understood Hebrew. A young lady raised her hand and said she knew a little. She explained that her husband is Israeli. I asked if he was going to come to any of the meetings and she said, “Yes, Tomorrow night.” I offered to meet with her husband alone before the meeting. He was not a believer and I felt it would be good to chat with him.

‘A’s’ wife posted this on Tikkun’s website: “WOW!!! is the only thing I can say. I met Ron at a conference at my mother’s church. When I shared with Ron that my husband was Israeli he immediately showed interest in wanting to meet him. The next day he was able to meet my husband and share with him his testimony. That evening my husband accepted the Lord. My husband expressed nothing but complete interest in wanting to learn more about the word of God and Yeshua. I knew that some day soon my husband was going to get saved, I did not however think it was going to be this soon. He was so receptive to hearing and receiving the word from someone that shares his culture and Jewish belief as well. It was amazing. God is amazing. My husband and I now share the same heart, and that is to also reach the Israeli people.”

We arranged for them to have lunch with the pastoral team after the Sunday service. Before lunch I was able to share my testimony with him in Hebrew and he had lots of questions. We really connected!

After lunch they were serving coffee and he said, “I rotze botz.” Which literally means, “I want mud.” Mud is what we call Turkish coffee in Israel because the tiny grinds form a muddy-type substance on the bottom of your cup. I just happened to have some, as I always bring it with me when I travel from Israel.

That night, though the service was not an evangelistic service, he came forward for prayer. I asked him if he would like to receive Yeshua and he said YES! We prayed together as his wife was weeping behind us.

What a joy, halfway across the world from Israel to be able to lead one of my own countrymen to faith in the Messiah. Our family plans to visit them this summer when we will all be in the US for my mother’s 70th birthday. Please pray for ‘A’ as we all know that those first weeks in the faith are essential. The parable of the sower speaks to the fact that so many fall away. Pray that ‘A’ will be discipled, and grow strong in His faith and return one day to Israel to reach other Israelis with the good news of Yeshua.

Now, on to Harrisonburg, VA to hold our second “Desperate For God” Conference and then home sweet to home to Israel and my family.

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