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Israel under the worst attack ever!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We are in shock. We are in tears. How could we not see this coming? How could our intelligence be so bad. Times of Israel’s David Horwitz writes, “‘A colossal failure’ as Gaza’s Hamas terrorists infiltrate, catch Israel unprepared.” Whatever reports we are getting, people are saying the truth is far worse!

Israelis, camping in the fields for Sukkot (Tabernacles), came under attack by dozens of terrorists who broke through the border in white pickup trucks. There is video of 100s of people running for their lives. The facts are changing so quickly that I cannot keep up with them. Netanyahu has rightly declared war.

I am getting reports from friends that some people are hiding in their safe rooms as terrorists roam the streets. There are reports that they have taken over five towns. (We can’t verify this.) My daughter Danielle just told me that they are saying this is the worst thing to ever happen in Israel.

Rockets have been fired from Gaza to as far as Tel Aviv. Danielle is in Tel Aviv sending us updates. It is killing us not to be home, as are ministering in Europe. Our hearts are breaking. “It’s bad,” a friend texted me. “They have kidnapped at least 35 Israelis.” I have seen pictures of terrorists rejoicing over the kidnapped bodies of dead Israelis.

All this in just the past few hours.

My friend Avner Boskey writes:

At least ten white pickup trucks driven by Hamas suicide squad jihadis crossed into Israel (as well as some on ultra-light single-place powered parachutists) and attacked approximately 21 sites, including kibbutzim and moshavim (farms), small towns (including police stations). They have been slaughtering civilians, including mothers and children, breaking into houses, and indiscriminately killing the inhabitants. We have friends who have terrorists in their house as I write .

Israelis have posted to social media from their windows and balconies of terrorists in the streets. We have a friend who works in the emergency room in Ashkelon; all the nurses have been called back in (it is a holiday in Israel and Shabbat). “Anachnu corsim, corsim, corsim…” (We are collapsing, collapsing, collapsing…”

Why now?

I will give you three reasons.

1. Our country is in unparalleled division. Since January, Israelis have been polarized over political issues that I will not go into now. The anger has been at the level that many have spoken of civil war. If God’s blessing is on unity (Ps. 133), what can be said about hatred? The rabbis say that judgment comes when there is sinat hinam (baseless hatred). We have been saying for weeks that this hatred and division could bring judgment. Sometimes, judgment is just the natural result of sin, and sometimes it is more deliberate from the Almighty. I hate even to use the word judgment right now, but I do so to motivate you to pray!

2. Israel is on the verge of a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia, and Hamas, funded by Iran, is terrified of this. They, along with the corrupt Palestinian Authority, will do anything to stop it.

3. This October is the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. In that war, we were caught asleep at the wheel as Egypt and Syria attacked while the country was fasting.

Let me be clear, this is the worst thing to happen in Israel since I made Aliyah in 2003. Others are saying it is the worst ever!

At our Tikkun Global conference a few weeks ago and at Open Door Church the next day, I shared that the Israel-loving church must get beyond the romantic love for Israel to understand that we (Israel) are not in a good place. Let me say it again: Israel is not in a good place! It was the most uncomfortable thing I think I have ever shared…and I even felt a bit like a traitor, but I had been feeling dread over Israel day and night for weeks. We don’t need platitudes of affection but deep intercession that we would repent! It pains me to write this even as bombs are falling and Israelis are in Hamas hands, but that is what we need.

1. Believers stand in the gap and pray.

2. Israelis to repent of the hatred and division, and of course, to find Yeshua.

We need both now. Please share this on all your platforms and social media.

We will keep you posted!

Ron Cantor

Sorry for typoes, I have no editor at the moment, as we are traveling by train in France.

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