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Israel’s new government passes major hurdle

In the last hour Israel’s Supreme Court approved the new government with all of its stipulations and contingencies.

The court was asked to consider whether a politician facing criminal charges can form a new government and whether this particular agreement violates the law. Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges and could face trial as early as this month.

“Someone charged with criminal offenses is also the person who concocted the coalition agreement with all its repercussions for himself,” said attorney Dafna Holtz-Lechner, who represents one of the petitioners, calling for the court’s unbiased ruling.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu had called on the court to not interfere.

“It doesn’t need to interfere. There is the will of the people, the clear expression of the will of the people,” Netanyahu said adding that if the court rules against the coalition deal, it “increases the chances that we will be dragged to fourth elections, something that will be a catastrophe.”

Timing was of the essence — as today, Thursday marked the deadline for presenting a new government before new elections must be called.

Because of mistrust between the two sides, the agreement became lengthy and complicated. Under its current terms, Netanyahu would remain as prime minister for another 18 months and Gantz would take over in October 2021. The agreement also would be responsible for creating Israel’s most bloated and most expensive government ever including 32 ministers in the first stage and swelling to 36.

Very soon, the two Prime Ministers will be sworn in.

Members of Israel’s Supreme Court wearing protective masks this week as they discussions start to decide if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while under indictment, can form a government. The court’s decided today to grant him the authority. (Israel’s Government Press Office)

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