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Israel’s DISPROPORTIONATE Response in Haiti!

The World Media Gets Israel—Finally!

This sidebar appeared in the Israeli newspaper highlighting the press from other news outlets aournd the world for Israel’s heroic actions in Haiti. (See translation in blog)

Sadly it took an earthquake that killed thousands of people for the world media to see what Israel is all about. Israel has received praise from media outlets around the world for its fast action in Haiti. According to a CNN report only the Israeli Field Hospital is properly equipped to deal with the need. And it is not just in the technical field, Israeli rescue workers have risked their lives to rescue Haitians and as you can read below…the Haitians are grateful.

One Israeli rescue worker explained that he knew that each time he goes into the rubble it can collapse on him, but he also knows the little girl that he is seeking to rescue is the same age as his daughter, so he goes back into danger over and over again. Contrast this with the fact that regular critics of Israel’s “cruelty,” Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East oil-rich nations, are no where to be found in Haiti.

Below are a few quotes and facts concerning the world media’s praise for Israeli rescue workers and soldiers in Haiti translated from the Israeli article.

The World Media Treats Israel Fairly

The famously anti-Israel BBC said:

The Israeli doctors are extraordinary. They work tirelessly.


The Israeli Hospital is the Rolls Royce of the emergency medical facilities in Haiti.


Local residents saw the rescue (I assume of a trapped person) and sang, “Good Work Israel!”

The Washington Post

Showed on its front page showed the Israeli army clearing away debris from the destruction of Haiti.

LA Times

“Israel sent to Haiti soldiers of peace.” (clearly they don’t understand that all our soldiers are soldiers of peace, and only fight out of necessity.)


Right: Israeli officer checks on the child he gave blood to save

They showed a picture of a high-ranking Israeli officer, Guy Lyn, that donated his blood and saved the life of a young girl. (see picture)

Haiti Radio Station

The Israelis are the only ones to come and rescue us—the local residents.

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