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I want to send you my book FREE!

In their darkest hour, we believe that Israelis are searching. We have no doubt that they are watching our content. But most Jewish people have been taught all their lives that Jews simply don't believe in Jesus. This is why I wrote my book, Identity Theft. It is a novel about a Jewish man searching for truth, and I want to send you a free e-copy when you join with us to reach Israelis with the good news of Yeshua through Shelanu TV.

We consistently hear from Israelis watching Shelanu TV online and reaching out to us via WhatsApp and our social media channels, wanting to know more about Yeshua. Evan Santoro, who leads our team in Tel Aviv shares his testimony.

We met Shalom, an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier, and shared with him the Good News of Yeshua. He is hungry for the truth, clearly seeking God, and he wants an experience with God for himself.

Shalom has seen the testimonies on Shelanu TV of people who have encountered God and confessed to being jealous of it. As a religious Jew, who wears a Kippa (Yarmulke), he must meet with us in secret and can't say the name Jesus out loud.

Now Shelanu TV is stepping up its mission to help as many people as possible, like Shalom, who are searching for the truth that can only be found in the Good News of Jesus. That's where you come in. With your partnership, we can continue creating great content that spreads Yeshua's message and use social media effectively to make sure the message is being seen and heard.

Paul says at the end of the age, "All Israel will be saved” (Rom 11:26).

This is the heart of God for this time as Israel comes under increasing attack. Israel is becoming the most hated nation on earth—at least, that's how it feels watching the news, social media, and protests. Israel needs you now more than ever—Israel needs followers of Yeshua to pray for her salvation.

I know this is your goal too. You're on this mailing list because you love the Jewish people. Let's partner together for her salvation. I can't wait to send you my ebook, Identity Theft, when you send in a gift of any size.

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Shalom from Israel! I am Ron Cantor and this is my blog. I serve as the President of Shelanu TV.

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