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God is doing amazing things in his life and using him to reach others!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Igor (center, above) was not someone most of us would have invited to dinner. He was a drug addict living on the street. But guess what? He is exactly the type of person that Yeshua would have been at home with. He ate with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other outcasts.

Moti Cohen (left), one of our pastors at Tiferet, has that same mentality, along with Shlomi (right). Moti leads the Feed Tel Aviv project. He has a big heart to reach the drug addicts, the homeless, those living on the streets due to mental illness, and others who are lost. Tel Aviv is like the New York of Israel.

It has wealth and poverty, dynamic nightlife, and fantastic restaurants alongside men and women living on the streets near dumpsters, doing drugs or begging for funds to buy them. Moti is right at home in this atmosphere.

A little over a year ago, Igor was addicted to drugs and living on the street. Moti and his team met him during an outreach and, over time, had the opportunity to witness to him and pray for him. Last year, Igor prayed with them and gave his life to Yeshua. After that, he agreed right away to go to a drug rehab center run by believers.

Ever since then, Igor has been clean, growing in his faith, and whenever he can, he comes to volunteer with our Feed Tel Aviv team. It is amazing that we have a volunteer with us who was himself on the streets not long ago: he knows what the people are dealing with and how to reach them in their pain with God's love. Please keep Igor in your prayers! God is doing amazing things in his life and using him to reach others.

Our volunteers just gave this woman food and drink. and they asked if she wanted prayer. She was deeply moved when they put their hands on her to pray, and she just fell into their arms.

You Continue to Reach the Mary Magdalenes of Tel Aviv

One day, Mary was possessed by seven demons. Then, the next day, she encountered Yeshua, and he set her free. Igor encountered Yeshua through our team at Tiferet and is now FREE!

You, too, can reach these people by standing with Feed Tel Aviv and Tiferet Yeshua. Your gift will feed the homeless, provide tea and conversation with a prostitute or possibly get a drug addict into a Messianic rehab (like Igor).

We are over halfway to our goal of $50,000 for the Summer of Splendor to bless the people and vital work of Tiferet Yeshua. We only have about $21,000 to go!

Please click below and make a special donation today! You will become a part of the work of Tiferet Yeshua in reaching Tel Aviv with the gospel of Yeshua. Thank you!

Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26),

Ron Cantor

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