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Arabs in Belgium who Love Israel

We just received another request for boots for soldiers. We are about to send several thousands of dollars to a vendor for these shoes. You can help! These soldiers have been fighting almost non-stop for months to defend the state of Israel.

Today, I am at The Hague with over 1,000 believers who are here for The Trial, a two-day event to pray for Israel and get educated. I am heartened that these believers represent hundreds of thousands in the nations who love Israel.

Two nights ago, I was in Belgium giving a two-hour seminar on Israel, Antisemitism and the End-Times. I was overwhelmed by the support. Several Arabs were there—one a pastor—and they all came up to me to tell me that they love and support Israel. One told me, “Islam lies to the people.” Another asked to exchange bread with me for communion. It was wonderful.

I know that the enemies of Israel are loud. But there are many more who love Israel and the Jewish people. We know that Hamas lies about the number of deaths. They don’t tell you that many of those are Hamas terrorists. We now know that the warnings of famine in Gaza were grossly exaggerated.

A report released last week by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) organization, which found that there is not currently a famine in Gaza, has confirmed doubts that were raised earlier this year about claims of mass starvation, due to the absence of evidence. —Times of Israel

But the enemies of Israel do not care about truth. That is why it means so much that you are standing with Israel.

So please consider a gift today to help us purchase boots for soldiers and so much more. We are about to buy drones for another unit. You will remember our friend Lt. Col. Natenel Elkobi who was killed in battle a few months ago. His team told me that if they had had drones, he would still be alive. The drones are not weapons but give the soldiers eyes where they don’t have them.

Let’s help them together! Just click the button below to take your stand for Israel.

Thank you so much. We are in this together!

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