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5 Reasons to Read “Leave Me Alone—I’m Jewish”

Here are five reasons to get my E-Book “Leave Me Alone—I’m Jewish” … This is my testimony book; a detailed account of how I came to Yeshua.

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1. To understand what Jewish people go through when confronted with the Gospel. 2. To learn how to talk to Jewish people about Yeshua. 3. To be encouraged in your faith, as you see how the Lord supernaturally revealed Himself to me. 4. By working exclusively with Amazon, MMI keeps 70%, so $7.00 of your $9.99 purchase will help support us here in Israel. 5. You simply want to enjoy a great, uplifting story.

In fact, I am so convinced you will be touched by this book, that if you are not, we will return to you our portion  ($7.00). If you want a refund, simply send your Amazon receipt to

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