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3 Points on Trump, Iran and Europe

A former Obama official, Steven Simon, is encouraging Europe to stand up to President Trump, even saying European countries need to kick out American ambassadors, because of Trump’s ignoring their wishes to stay in #IranDeal.

Everyone is saying, “Iran had complied. Why leave?” A few points:

1. Compliance doesn’t make it a good deal. By complying on the nuclear issue, we have allowed Iran to sow millions if not billions into destabilizing the Middle East and promoting terror. They are funding Hezbollah, which now controls Lebanon (more or less, winning the largest bloc of seats in the most recent election). They were building military bases in Syria, from which they could attack Israel. (Israel destroyed them all last week, after Iran sent 20 missile our way…thank you, world). Iran’s military budget is up 40% since the lopsided agreement. 

2. Stop feeling sorry for Europe. They care nothing for the stability of the Middle East and always think in terms of short term gains (Sure, Hitler, take Czechoslovakia, we trust you to stop there…) over long term security. All they care about is the billions they can make from doing business with Iran. That is what they are mad about. They care not that those dollars will be used to make bombs for Hamas and Hezbollah for acts of terror.

3. Some have said that the US must keep its commitments. There is a reason that this was called the Iran Deal and not Treaty. Treaties are binding on all future administrations. So why didn’t Obama go for a treaty? Simple, he did not have the votes in Congress, so he had to go it alone and make a bad, weak, dangerous agreement.

President Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for giving a speech in Cairo. Since then, under his watch:

  1. N. Korea got nukes

  2. Libya has become an ungoverned failed stated

  3. Our Ambassador to Libya was executed and the Obama administration sought to cover it up.

  4. Russia took over large sections of Ukraine and Obama did nothing.

  5. Syria has had a civil war that has claimed half a million lives, and when they crossed Obama’s red line and used chemical weapons, Obama and Kerry did nothing.

  6. He called ISIS the JV team, and didn’t take serious the most gruesome terrorist group in modern history.

  7. When Egypt overthrew her government, Obama stood with the now-outlawed terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. When the military threw the MB out of office, Obama cried foul. Egypt is as stable now as it has been in years, despite Obama opposition to its present secular government.

  8. And lastly, he all but destroyed Americas political relationship with Israel.

The fact is that Obama’s foreign policy was suicidal. It was dangerous on every level and made America weak and the world unsafe. I don’t know where we would be today if Hillary had won.

Trump, for all of his bluster, in just over a year, has the US on the verge of peace with N. Korea, defeated ISIS as a state, and repaired the broken relationship with Israel. He has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and tomorrow will officially open up the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Do you think that maybe Obama should just give his Nobel to Trump?

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