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For only $50 a month, you can feed one of these precious children.
In 2022, we have an amazing opportunity that will change the lives of over 200 children. Shelanu TV is taking responsibility for 220 orphans in Kenya.
Shelanu Kids Home for Children!
While we have a heart for all orphans, this project moved us to action because 142 of these orphans are Ethiopian Jews.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. (James 1:27)
Image by Annie Spratt
YOU can help change the lives of these children!

God willing, Elana and I will be heading to Kenya later this month to visit our dear coworker, Joash. Joash is the leader of Tikkun Africa, a network of 500 congregations all throughout Africa. He is an Ethiopian Jew whose family relocated to Kenya decades ago, and he will oversee Shelanu Kids. We have known Joash for many years.


These children need to know that they are valued by God. We're going to raise up powerful leaders. These young men and women, I believe, will grow up to be doctors, scientists, and businesspeople, and preachers—all sharing the good news of Yeshua.

Image by bennett tobias

Shelanu Kids is part of a Messianic ministry, working among Ethiopian Jewish refugees living in Kisii, Kenya.

This Jewish community of Ethiopian refugees initially fled from their native land in the 1950s and 60s to northern Kenya. Persecution of Jews in Ethiopia intensified and in the mid-1980s and 90s, Israel airlifted tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews to the Holy Land as part of Operation Solomon.


For the community of Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Kenya, life got worse in the early 2000s. During the 2007 elections in Kenya, brutality against Jews by Kenyan Muslims increased, leaving many children orphaned and vulnerable.


These Ethiopian Jews who had originally come to northern Kenya to escape persecution had to flee for their lives again. Their desperate plight has mostly been forgotten by the world. But we cannot let them be forgotten any longer.
Many of these Jewish refugee children come to Shelanu Kids after fighting for survival on the streets. They may have lived for years in danger of being trafficked or suffering other abuse.
Shelanu Kids Home for Children gives them HOPE and a HOME…and a FUTURE! And most of all—they learn that they have a Messiah who loves them—Yeshua!

Image by Giusi Borrasi

Shelanu Kids offers these vulnerable children:


√  The necessities of life—shelter, clothing, food—and family!

√  A life-sustaining clean water well

√  Schooling

√  Healthcare

√  Time to be a kid again—a safe place to play, discover and be creative; and,

√  The GOOD NEWS about Yeshua!

In the event that a specific project becomes overfunded, Messiah's Mandate/Tikkun may allocate the overage towards other ministry purposes.

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