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Jesus said that the end-times would be marked by a series of birth pangs. Few prophetic people saw Coronavirus coming. While many so-called prophets were predicting its quick demise, none of them saw the racial riots that would not only shake America, but the world. Social media offers us a plethora of opinions, but what is God saying to us during this crucial hour?


  • Will you be ready for the last days before Yeshua returns?
  • Where are the true prophets of God?
  • Does God still judge?
  • Can you hate Israel and love Jesus?
  • What is God saying through the racial tensions?


Ron Cantor seeks to deal with these questions and many more using Yeshua's Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) as a guide. Yeshua forewarned us so we would be ready. Are you?

Birth Pangs

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