You won’t believe who this fellow compared to the Nazis!

In an interview conducted at the beginning of this year (2014), Dr. Stephen Sizer, one of Israel’s harshest critics, doesn’t even flinch at his interviewer’s outlandish suggestion. At 12:18 in the interview (see below), Hassan Alkatib asks Sizer,

“Do you think, eh, Theodore Herzl was inspired, maybe, by the idea of, eh, Nazi Germany of having, you know, a country just for one race.”

Now, for those of you who may not know, Theodore Herzl is considered to be the father of modern day Zionism—the movement that led to the birth of Israel. Just before the turn of the 20th century, as a response to Jewish persecution around the world, he wrote a book called “The Jewish State,” stating that Jews would never be safe at the hands of other nations, and therefore needed their own nation to survive. Hassan Alkatib suggests that this man was inspired by the Nazis!

Sizer’s response is even more shocking than the question. We would expect an honest historian and respected (in some circles) theologian like Dr. Sizer to 1) take off his mic and leave the interview, 2) scream, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? or 3) at least correct the interviewer on his sickening suggestion.

Instead, Sizer completely ignores the comments and continues to make his case against Israel and Christian Zionists. This is not shocking, as Sizer believes that Israel is the biggest deterrent to Arabs receiving the Gospel. His passion is going to Muslims and sharing with them about the evils of Israel and deception of Christian Zionism in hopes that he can reach them. Islam is not the problem, but the Jews and the Christians who love them.

What is so ironic is that just about an hour after watching this interview, I read this article, reporting that Syrian Christians in the northern city of Raqqa have been forced to sign a treaty with their new Al Qaeda rulers or “face the sword.” Under the agreement: