Will the Real Nazi Please Stand Up?

One of the things that have flabbergasted me is the number of born-again believers (and some so-called prophets) who believe that Vladimir Putin is a freedom fighter rescuing women from human trafficking in Ukraine. Where are these women? Where are they testifying about their new freedom? We live in a day where people will believe anything as long as it backs up their political worldview.

At the outset of the attack on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin called the Ukrainian leadership Nazis. It did not bother him that the president of Ukraine is, in fact, Jewish. As a master of propaganda, he continued to sound the alarm that he must defeat the Nazis in Ukraine.


Today, we find out that Russia is demanding that the Jewish Agency in Moscow shut its doors. The Jewish Agency has been around since before the rebirth of Israel, helping Jewish people from all over the world find their way back to Israel. It was the Jewish Agency in America that helped me make Aliyah in 2003.

“The Russian Justice Ministry has requested the liquidation of the Jewish Agency for Israel, RIA Novosti News Agency reported on Thursday afternoon. The hearing on the request will take place on July 28 at the Basmanny District Court of Moscow.”

Of course, Russia must shut down the Jewish Agency because of the “illegal activity” that takes place there. Such as collecting information on Russian citizens. Now, I have not investigated this, but the only information that they would have on “Russian citizens” would be on the Jewish ones seeking to move to Israel.

I find it ironic that these people are called “Russian citizens.” During the Cold War, Jews were not considered Russian and were not classified as Russian on their documents but Jews. Suddenly, as these Jews are seeking a safer life in Israel, trying to escape what has become a mafia-controlled dictatorship, they are now “Russian citizens.”

What do I mean by mafia-controlled dictatorship? Putin is the most successful mafia boss in history, with a worth of about $200 billion. When the Soviet Union fell, many millionaires and soon-to-be billionaires arose by taking over entities that used to be owned by the State. Now, these oligarchs pay off Putin for protection.

Let me be clear, Putin is not a freedom fighter. He’s not rescuing people from human trafficking. He is far more likely to be a perpetrator of human trafficking. His troops have committed genocide against innocent civilian populations in Ukraine. Please do not believe the QAnon nonsense. It is as it appears.

And now, it appears that he’s going to try and stop Jewish citizens from leaving Russia. Who is the Nazi now, Vladimir?

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