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WATCH: Israeli Airstrike Stopped to Save Children

This week, in the blaze of more than 150 airstrikes into Gaza against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), there was a stunning example of how the young men and women (many are just teenagers!) in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli Air Force (IAF) work tirelessly to avoid civilian casualties, especially children.

The IDF posted a video (below) on Twitter of a conversation between command and the plane crew as they were determining if a site in Gaza was clear to strike. You can see in the video that there are bushes and trees below the plane, in the crew’s line of site, and the target (rockets or a rocket crew) was under the foliage cover.

Suddenly, a child comes into view on the monitor. Then another child. They are playing in this outdoor area. The crew was one minute before firing. The crew and headquarters pause to see if the children leave the area. They continued to play, and eventually, the attack was called off.

Despite the PIJ firing more than 100 rockets into Israel last week, Israel waited to answer, mostly in order to ensure the top three commanders of the PIJ were away from as many civilians as possible before Israel moved in to take them out. Some family members and possibly other civilians were killed in the strikes against the leaders, but Israel had done all it could to minimize the casualties.

In all of this, Israel still receives a tremendous amount of criticism from the United Nations and human rights groups when any civilians are killed. Of course, innocent women and children being killed in war is tragic, but we must remember that the terrorists are using these people as human shields. The terrorists not only devalue the lives of Jews and other “infidels” but their own children. They are willing to sacrifice Palestinian lives, justifying it on a demonic religious dogma.

Let’s continue to pray for Yeshua to breakthrough in their lives with dreams, visions and visitations.

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