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Watch: In speech to UN, Netanyahu provides the address of alleged Hezbollah arms depots

In a highly unusual move, the Israeli army published the exact coordinates of a site in Lebanon that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier in a speech to the United Nations is a Hezbollah weapons factory.

“Here are the coordinates to put in your Waze,” the Israel Defense Forces tweet said. “Let’s hope the journalists get there before Nasrallah’s moving trucks do.”

The IDF added two “bonus” locations.

In an address to the General Assembly Security Council, Netanyahu warned the people of Lebanon that another deadly blast is possible and urged residents to “act now.”

“We all saw the terrible explosion at Beirut port last month,” Netanyahu said referring to the Aug. 4 blast that devastated the city. “The explosion happened here. This is the Beirut port. Two hundred people died, thousands of people were injured, and a quarter of a million people were made homeless.”

“Now, here is where the next explosion could take place. Right here,” he pointed at a map. “This is the Beirut neighborhood of Janah. It’s right next to the international airport. And here, Hezbollah is keeping a secret arms depot… And it’s embedded in civilian housing here, [and] civilian housing here.”

“I say to the people of Janah, you’ve got to act now. You’ve got to protest this. Because if this thing explodes, it’s another tragedy,” Netanyahu said. “I say to the people of Lebanon, Israel means you no harm. But Iran does. Iran and Hezbollah have deliberately put you and your families in grave danger. And what you should make clear is that what they have done is unacceptable. You should tell them, ‘tear these depots down.’”

Netanyahu appealed to the UN to act to stop Hezbollah from using “Lebanon and Lebanese civilians as human shields.” Netanyahu said that Iran is to blame for trying to extend its reach through proxies such as Hezbollah.

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