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WATCH! A moving tribute to a rising star and slain IDF soldier

Over the last week, Elana and I have had the privilege—thanks to YOUR heart to bless Israel—of helping to host hundreds of IDF soldiers who have been home on leave after months and months of fighting in Gaza and defending our northern border.

While the joy has been tangible and refreshing, I can sense that there is also a sadness that hangs in the air. The thought of the fellow soldiers who have died in battle since the war began on October 7 is never far away.

If you watch one thing today, watch this! Last night on the Rising Star and Israeli singing competition show, where the winner goes to Eurovision, they remembered Shaul Greenglick. At 26 years old, he was killed in Gaza, but not before he passed through to the next round of this year's competition. He chose to go fight for Israel instead of continuing with the competition.

He comes from a family of musicians, and on the finale, his brothers and sisters sang with him, singing from a recording before his death.

It's quite powerful!

Perhaps you have served in the armed forces in your country or have a family member who has (or is!). Already, in the creeping, “shadow” expansion of this war, Iran proxies in various parts of the Middle East have launched attacks where several U.S. service personnel have been killed.

In Israel, as of the writing of this email, 225 IDF soldiers have given their lives in defending their country, in defending me and my family. They were brothers, husbands, fathers…merchants, farmers, and so much more.

Thank you for loving Israel, loving the Jewish people, and praying for all of us. Keep praying for the hostages to be returned home, for Hamas to be stopped, and for the war to end.

If you would like to help us continue to bless IDF soldiers and families affected by the war, you can click on the donation button below.

Your love for Yeshua shines through in a dark hour!

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