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40 babies killed—we can save others!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The death toll as of this morning has reached 1,200 Israelis. The number of those taken hostage seems to be above 150 Israelis (which includes some from other countries such as the US). But Hamas keeps trying for more, and many of them have a death wish. Israeli troops killed 18 terrorist gunmen as they continue to seek to infiltrate Israel.

Israel Takes Journalist on Tour

Dozens of foreign journalists got to see firsthand the barbarity of Hamas on Tuesday as the IDF took them to see the carnage. Hamas claims they killed no civilians, but at least 40 babies have been found—decapitated!

“It’s not a war,” General Itai Veruv told journalists during a tour of the area. “It’s not a battlefield. You see the babies, the mothers, the fathers in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists kill them. It’s not a war… it’s a massacre.”

“A reporter from i24 News said that an IDF commander told her that they had found the bodies of some 40 babies, some of whom had been beheaded.” Unless these babies were an elite fighting unit, Hamas has not only killed civilians but has entered into sick satanic ceremonies with their savagery.

It is reminiscent of World War II when average German citizens became addicted to blood and murder. One minute, they were having a nice dinner with their family; the next, they were shooting people in the head and enjoying it. They never dreamed a year prior that they would be involved in such savagery. But such is the spirit of murder; it is as addictive as heroin.

There's no doubt that these terrorists are enjoying the sight of dead bodies. They can't get enough. How demon-possessed do you need to be to decapitate babies?

[Rocket alerts are blowing up my phone as I write.]

How we can help Israel in her need!

I could continue to tell you sickening stories, but they're all over the Internet. The question is, what can we do to serve Israel in her time of need? Messiah’s Mandate has already sent $20,000 to Barzilai Hospital in my town of Ashkelon. Dr. Shmuel Tsangan, the director of the premature baby unit, has been in touch with me for many months. I want you to understand what happens when rockets start falling in Ashkelon. (and they sent as many as 5,000 in the last few days!)

Have you ever seen a premature baby? It looks like a newborn puppy; they are so small. They are in incubators with wires coming out of them in every direction. Their poor little bodies are already dealing with massive stress. Their parents are scared and exhausted. And then add to all of this rocket fire. This is their reality. But we can help!

Baby in NICU in Ashkelon

Dr. Tsangan came to me asking that our ministry would help them race $3 million for a bombproof premature baby unit. Presently, they can't even move the babies to the bomb shelters as it's too dangerous. Fortunately, a rocket had not hit the hospital… that is, until Saturday afternoon when they took a direct hit. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But if it had hit the premature baby unit, it's doubtful any of them would have survived.

[BREAKING: Reports are that another rocket hit Barzalai Hospital. No reports of injuries.]

I told him our ministry was simply not big enough to raise $3 million. It really broke my heart because I want to protect those babies. But I did tell him that we could take on specific projects to help build the new unit, knowing they have other donors. Just the other day, because of the generosity of our donors, we were able to send him the first $20,000. I promised him that more was coming. And since then, we have received around $25,000.

In it for the long haul!

From everything that I'm hearing, this is not going to be a short military operation but a long war with clear goals. Amid the chaos, Messiah’s Mandate and Shelanu TV will do our part. We will continue to share the good news of Yeshua through our TV station and join the effort to serve our nation with needed humanitarian aid.

I have not even mentioned fundraising in the first few letters we sent out. But I see now that the mission is clear. In addition to everything we already do, we have to help Israel in this hour, in her time of tragedy. I heard this morning from the hospital's CEO, Professor Ezekiel Levy, thanking our donors for the $20,000, knowing that we are only just starting!

This is our opportunity to show the true face of Yeshua to Israel. Will you do that? Will you show them what Yeshua really looks like? Let’s raise $1,000,000 for various efforts throughout Israel, as well as to keep Shelanu sharing Yeshua’s message in Hebrew. Click below!

How you can pray:

  • Pray for the hostages to be freed.

  • Pray for the new unity government with Netanyahu and Gantz. The last time the two of them worked together, it did not end well. Pray for mutual humility and that they will put the country ahead of their egos. (I know it sounds cynical, but that is how I feel after 20 years of living here… let’s hope they prove me wrong.)

  • Our flight home has not yet been canceled. We are 36 hours away from takeoff. Please pray that we can get back to Israel and that we can be helpful.

  • Pray for the people of Israel that Yeshua would reveal himself during this time. They would find all the testimonies on

  • Pray for all the reservists (360,000) who have been called up to serve and pray for their families.

  • Pray that none of the Hamas rockets would hit the target. Pray for mass repentance within the jihadist ranks. Remember, Paul was a murderer before he was an apostle.

  • There are reports that Hezbollah has been attacking from the north. I'm not quite sure if they are reliable, but please pray that Hezbollah would stay out of this. But if they do enter, pray that we will be able to determine their efforts.

  • Pray for the elimination of Islamic fanaticism within the borders of Israel.

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B.A. Watchman
B.A. Watchman
11 oct. 2023

I tried to go to the website you posted "" but it does not come up?? I tried using numerous search engines. I eventually came up with Messiahsmandate but not

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