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VIDEO: You won’t believe the ignorance at UCLA

One of the things I like to do when I speak in different congregations about Israel is to ask a question. It normally goes something like this: “Who here can tell me who the president of Palestine was when the Jews created Israel?” The answer of course is that when Israel was created there was no and never had been a Palestinian state. Yassar Arafat created a nationalism without ever being a nation.

I don’t ask this question to embarrass people, but to show how much propaganda we accidently pickup from ignorant or biased news outlets and reporters.

However, ignorance has hit an all time high California where students who pay for a hundred thousand dollar plus education, graduate without a clue regarding the Middle East. Comedian Mark Schiff interviews students at UCLA and you won’t believe the answers.

{youtubejw width=”400″}4_2SbkRybBk{/youtubejw}

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