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VIDEO: ISIS is Afraid of Girls!

Who would have believed that the group that is beheading, burning alive and drowning in cages the supposed enemies of Allah, would be afraid of girls. It is an oxymoron. On the one hand, ISIS fighters buy and sell teen-aged sex slaves—as many as 3,000 Iraqi women and girls have been forced to service ISIS fighters at sex slave brothels—on the other hand, these ‘brave’ fighters all have a reoccurring nightmare—that they will be killed by a girl. For them, that is a shame that Allah cannot bear to excuse. In the words of the soup nazi—no heaven for you.

Therefore the Kurdish army has 7,000 female fighters, all trained and eager to take the fight to ISIS.

“They believe they are fighting in the name of Islam. And they believe if someone from [ISIS] is killed by a girl, a Kurdish girl, they won’t go to heaven. So their afraid  of girls.” —21 year old, Tel Helden, as told to CNN’s Ben Wedeman. 

Millionaire singer and besties with Michelle Obama, Beyonce has this ridiculous song about how Girls ‘Run the World.’ The video has a bunch of half-naked women in lingerie dancing around, with a gang of men unable to conquer them because they are mesmerized by the sexuality of the women. By the end of the song, they have conquered more than gangs, through seduction, but appear to be taking over nations, as the barely dressed pop queen sings, “You’ll do anything for me.”

For centuries women have used seduction to gain control over men. But God’s plan for women is so much higher. Beyonce actually betrays women and their value with such a video, reducing their power in life to sexuality and manipulation.

“As for the video, I take issue with the overt sexualization of the women, which is not new or even uncommon. But in this case, if we are to believe that this is indeed an anthem of female empowerment, the video suggests that one must be sexy to be powerful and confident. The video contradicts the definition of empowerment; empowerment is not achieved by one’s ability to dance in garters and stilettos.” (source)

 And yet, here are real women, dressed in uniforms of battle, not lingerie, taking the battle to ISIS. No, they don’t have the millions of Beyonce, nor the body, but they are brave and determined and will never forget the powerful role they played in saving their people. And when you watch the video below, you can see that these precious ladies have not lost any of femininity in the process. ISIS beware, Kurdish girls are coming after you!

These Kurdish woman are fighting ISIS.ISIS is afraid of girls. Posted by INSIDER people on Thursday, March 17, 2016
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