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VIDEO: Former Gang Members, Drug Addicts and Abuse Victims Lead Us to the Feet of Yeshua

This was no ordinary night of worship in Tel Aviv and Eddie James is no ordinary worship leader. In a day when record contracts can take precedence over the actual recording, and when decisions are often made in boardrooms rather than in prayer rooms, along comes Eddie James.

What makes James so unique is not merely that he is a gifted worship leader, but his pastoral side. James’ entire band is made up former gang members, drug addicts and abuse victims. He brought several of the 50 plus young people that live with him in Pensacola, Florida to Israel and on December 21st we at Congregation Tiferet Yeshua, along with other Tel Aviv congregations were blessed to have them lead us in an evening of worship.

The presence of God was evident from the beginning and interspersed throughout the night were powerful testimonies of some of his team members who have passed through the valley of the shadow of death. One young man spoke of leaving the gang-life after all his friends were either dead or in jail, only to become addicted to morphine. After his family found him nearly dead after an overdose, Eddie took him in and now he is testifying to the glory of God.

What made the night even more special was that Eddie spent an hour before the worship concert teaching and sharing his heart with Tel Aviv area worship leaders and worship team members. The body of believers in Israel is still young, and we love to soak up the experience and wisdom of those who are walking in a mature anointing, faith and character.

Now you can join with us in prayer that Tel Aviv would become known as a city of worship. Pray that the anointing and passion that Eddie released here would rise up in our worship teams as we seek to lift His name on-high and tear down the strongholds over our city. Revival in Tel Aviv!

{youtube width=”560″ height=”340″}zrSmuWc4J4Y{/youtube}

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