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The Death of [My!] Virginia

Last week, I wrote a blog called “the Death of New York” about the joyful glee of New York legislators over passing an abortion bill that would allow for the termination of fully developed, viable ninth-month old babies—just as long as they are still in the womb.

But now, Virginia—my home state, where I was born and raised—is going even further in this blood lust industry. When Virginia Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran, one of the sponsors of a radical abortion bill, was asked at a hearing if an abortion would be allowed even if woman was in labor, about to give birth and dilating.

Instead of saying, “God forbid! You are talking about killing a viable fetus, fully developed, with hands, fingers, toes and a beating heart…of course not!” she said, “My bill would allow that.”

What is worse is that, in defending the bill and Delegate Tran, Governor of Virginia went on WTOP radio and seemed to suggest that it would be okay for a doctor to kill a live baby.

“If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians & mother.”

Last week, I shared a what I thought was a hypothetical, fictitious scenario where the parents and the doctor decided to kill their live baby. I said that it was murder. My point was that if the same baby was in the womb, it would be legal to kill him. Turns out, it wasn’t hypothetical at all, and would be far from fictitious if Virginia liberals got their way. Ralph Northam wants to make it legal to even kill the baby who is alive outside of the womb.

But, at least Governor Northam would guarantee the babies “comfort” as others decide whether or not he is worthy of life.

Keep the Government off my Body

The Governor made sure to throw out the all-important democratic talking point adding, “This is why legislators, most of whom are men, by the way, shouldn’t be telling a woman what she should or shouldn’t be doing with her body.”

First of all, we are talking about a baby outside of the womb! At what point, Mr. Governor, is the baby different from the mother’s kidney? At what point are you able to differentiate between a big toe and a developing human? The first birthday? First grade? First mortgage?

Secondly, I’ve listed more than a few instances in which legislators tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

  1. Take drugs.

  2. Drive a car without a seatbelt.

  3. Kill herself.

  4. Strike another human.

  5. Yell fire in a crowded theatre.

The idea that legislators can’t tell a woman what to do with their bodies is a fallacy. It is merely a tactic meant to take the focus off the living human inside her and turn him or her into a “growth.” This is a growth that, if left alone, miraculously turns into a human the moment after birth. (When was the last time a kidney tunred into human?)

From “Rare” to “Repulsive”

The slogan pro-abortion proponents have used in the past was “keep abortion, safe, legal and rare.” I guess what they want to change that to is more along the lines of: “so what if the baby is alive—he’s deformed.” This is infanticide, pure and simple.

Northam’s Communications Director said that the governor’s opponents were “trying to play politics with women’s health.” Again, the tactics here is to remove the focus from the baby you want to kill and make this about “women’s health.” To be clear, the governor, who has yet to explain exactly what he meant (if he did not mean what he said), was not talking about a woman, but about a baby who has been delivered.

Northam sought to defend his reputation, reminding people that he was a pediatrician.

I have devoted my life to caring for children and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting. — Ralph Northam (@GovernorVA) January 31, 2019

And that is what makes his comments all the more sick and disturbing—he took an oath to save children, not murder them. And, it would be far better for him to explain what he meant by his disturbing comments, than to pretend that there were not disturbing.

Fortunately, as I understand it, the bill has been tabled. Hopefully forever!

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