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The Arab-American plan to undermine Israel

A 30-year old video has recently come to light revealing a long-term strategy by the president of the Arab American Institute to undermine Jews and support for Israel among Americans.

The video, released by Americans for Peace and Tolerance in Frontpage Magazine on June 15, shows James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, telling a Jordanian television interviewer about his plan to raise up Arab Americans in politics while simultaneously sowing the idea of “Israeli oppression” among the public. His strategy was a long-term undermining of Israel and Jews as a race preying all the while on the liberal persuasion of left-wing Jews.

“It is Israel today that is the anti-democratic force in the Middle East. That is a significant statement that we need to develop,” he said in the interview believed to be from 1990. “It is Israel today that is behaving in the West Bank and Gaza among its own citizens as (Nikolai) Ceausescu was operating in Romania.”“We need to be casting the image that way because that is reality and that will win influence and, I think, friends in America.”

He also suggested media manipulation for the Palestinian cause. He said a mass mobilization of Palestinians, led by someone like Jesse Jackson, Lech Walesa or Bishop Desmond Tutu, marching to the border of Israel chanting, “Let us in,” would garner international attention. There is only so much the media can cover of young Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers, Zogby said.

“We need to up the ante and come up with new and more dramatic ways of bringing this issue forward and, as we do, the media will respond and we will win,” he said.

Inroads had already been made back in 1988 when nine state Democrat conventions approved calls for Palestinian statehood with the support of progressive Jews, Zogby noted. Identifying with other minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics, was one of the strategies he mentioned while framing Israelis as the “white oppressors” of innocent darker-skinned Palestinians.

“Today they have control of the hill,” he said of Jewish politicians in Washington, “but even their control of the hill is flimsy. While they have fear on their side we have friends on our side. friends on the end will win out.”

Three decades later, Zogby’s success in reframing the narrative is evident. Black Lives Matter activists carry signs saying “Justice From Ferguson to Palestine,” while comparisons are made between American police brutality and Israeli army tactics.

At the university level, groups draw tenuous connections between their cause, such as sexual identity, and Palestinian rights — solely with intent to castigate Israel.

This week Zogby, who pretends to be a moderate, continued to his efforts to create a false narrative about Israel. He referred to Israel doing whatever it wants without repercussions—like a spoiled child. He seems to not care or to have forgotten that 75 years more than have of this “spoiled child’s” people were murdered by the Nazis—6,000,000—because they did have their own state.

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