Revival can be Fatal without the Fear of the Lord

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Ron Cantor shares on the fear of the Lord and Revival. We say we want revival, but when God draws close, the results can be fatal. Look at Lev. 10 and 1 Sam. 6. People died because they did not discern the holiness of God. Also in the New Testament. In the midst of Revival just a small lie was fatal to Ananias and Sapphira.

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Shalom from Israel! I am Ron Cantor and this my blog. I am the CEO of Tikkun Global, a family of Messianic ministries and leaders based in Israel ( I also serve as the President of Shelanu is the only 24/7 digital TV station sharing the message of Yeshua in Hebrew. I have written about 10 books including my testimony and "Identity Theft," a novel about the Jewish Roots of the NT. You can see them in the bookstore. My newest one is "When Kingdoms Collide." Thanks for visiting my site.

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