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Report: Israeli warplanes hit Iranian targets in Iraq

Israel has expanded its attacks against Iranian targets, this time reportedly reaching as far as Iraq, according to the Arabic-language Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper which quoted Western diplomatic sources.

Air Force jets have struck twice in 10 days, the report said on Tuesday.

Over the past several years, Israel has conducted several strikes against Iranian targets in Syria, but not one strike in Iraq by Israel has been reported since the 1981 bombing of a nuclear reactor. Israel has made it clear that they will not allow any Iranian military bases to be established in Syria. I guess now Iran knows that means Iraq as well.

The Arabic-language newspaper said the strike on July 19 destroyed a rocket depot in a Shiite militia base north of Baghdad and that members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah were killed in the strike. It said the base had just received Iranian ballistic missiles, which had been hidden inside trucks.

The same newspaper said Israel was also behind a strike in Iraq on Sunday which targeted Iranian advisers and a ballistic missile shipment. Israel was also blamed for a strike in Syria last week in which nine were killed including six Iranians fighting for the Syrian regime. Iranian forces at the time were trying to take over a strategic hill in the south of the country near the border with Israel.

Israeli missiles targeted “military positions and intelligence facilities belonging to Iran and [pro-Iranian] militias,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at the time. Israel does not usually comment on specific reports of strikes, but does insist it has the right to defend itself by targeting positions held by Iran and Hezbollah.

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