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[Podcast 045] Peace Talks, Soccer Balls and Palestinians in cages? Really?

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If they seemed like they were in a hurry, it was because Ron locked his wife (by accident) in the their apartment and had to get home!

Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team bring you the 45th episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!

Ron Cantor and Tal Guiness are in our Tel Aviv studio discussing this week’s main headlines from Israel.  John Kerry tries to get Israel and PA agree on peace deal, why is a Holland soccer team under fire, how did a Palestinian soccer ball become a human rights issue, and why you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Tune in to find out!

Ron then shares on the subject of healing.

At the end of the podcast stay tuned to hear the song Habity Elav (Look to Him) by Concert of New Messianic Songs from the album Praise To Our GOD (Tehila Le’Eloheynu) – Volume 4.



This broadcast of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast is brought to you by Maoz Israel Ministries

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Ron’s Interview on Sid Roth’s Radio Show:

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