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Pizza drone delivery? Israel to give it a test flight this summer

A new type of pizza delivery is on its way to Israel: drones.

A test program that will begin in June will allow Pizza Hut to test pilot the flying robots, according to The Wall Street Journal. The first part of the test will entail the drones carrying the orders to a parking lot where a driver will bring the order the rest of the way.

Israel has some of the world’s tightest regulations when it comes to drones. According to the Ministry of Transportation, the company will be limited to a 50-square-mile zone from a single store and will be limited to 5.5-pound deliveries — the equivalent of two pizza pies and a bottle of soda. 

Pizza Hut Israel president Udi Shamai told the paper that he hopes regulators will up the weight limit to 22 pounds by June.

On the other hand, Pizza Hut said it adds another 7,000 households that it normally could not service.

“Drone delivery is a sexy thing to talk about, but it’s not realistic to think we’re going to see drones flying all over the sky dropping pizzas into everyone’s backyards anytime soon,” Ido Levanon of Dragontail Systems told the Journal.

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