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Palestinians claim new rockets can reach Tel Aviv

Gaza-based terror group Islamic Jihad announced that it has developed missiles that can reach beyond Tel Aviv and will turn Israeli cities into “hell.”

“The enemy’s act of stupidity against the Gaza Strip and its residents will turn the occupied cities and communities into hell, God willing,” an organization spokesman boasted in a documentary broadcast on Iranian television. “The occupation has no place on the land of Palestine. It will either withdraw from it or suffer harmful blows.” 

Now before you panic, rhetoric is the way of the Middle East. In reality, Israel could level Islamic Jihad, but doesn’t out of fear of hurting innocent people in Gaza. But if they actually launched rockets at Tel Aviv, and one caused damage…well, that would bring about a massive response from Israel. Israel restrains itself, because until now, even with thousands of rocket’s being shot at us, they have rarely hit a target.

Islamic Jihad is the second largest terror group in Gaza next to Hamas which rules the coastal enclave.  

Palestinian missile arsenals were decimated during military conflicts with Israel in the last decade, but according to the documentary, engineers have managed — with Iran’s help — to renew their missile supply.

The bigger story here in Iran continued interfering in Israel. Netanyahu told Putin this week that Israel would continue attacking Iran in Syria.

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