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Overnight Attacks in the South

Last night there was another barrage of rockets in the south after Israel killed a senior leader in Islamic Jihad (terrorist org) in Gaza. Our Iron Dome defense system took out two rockets, while other bombs caused damage. A 9-month old was lightly injured by shrapnel and a car was completely destroyed (pictured) from what appears to be a direct hit in Ashkelon, where my in-laws live.

The aftermath of a car in Ashkelon taking a direct hit. (photo: Zeev Terectman,

The family of the young baby said they ran to a secure area, usually a bomb shelter, when they heard the siren. However the rockets had already hit their kibbutz (shared farm community). When they got to the area, they realized that their young baby had been wounded by shrapnel. “Scary,” said the mother, adding, “I hope this is the last rocket to land on our kibbutz.”

It is difficult to imagine the trauma one goes through, when nightly you are awakened by sirens and have to run with your family, sometimes, as in this case, with helpless infants, to a bomb shelter. Wait…go home…and then try to go back to sleep…and then go to work the next day.

While we focus almost solely on whether or not these rockets cause physical damage, we fail to realize that even a grad or kassam rocket that falls in the desert has a horrible and lasting psychological impact on the peaceful Israelis in the south.

Please pray for all Israel, that they will cry out to heaven for relief and find their Messiah. (Romans 11:26)

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