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Mission Accomplished re: 35K Matching Fund Campaign

I want to thank everyone who participated in our matching funds campaign. We raised over 35K! Because of your partnership we will receive a 35K matching funds gift from two businessmen in Maryland. Thank you so much!!!

We will begin the three-week transformation of our present fellowship hall into a beautiful, warm and inviting not-for-profit coffee house in August. We will host concerts there and encourage folks to invite their unbelieving friends. We believe Good News of Yeshua is best shared Tel Aviv over a cappuccino. 🙂 In addition, we will use it for fellowship meals, young adults meetings and most importantly our weekly Friday pre-service prayer meeting.

In fact, for those coming on our fall Israel tour, we plan have an intimate concert with local Israeli artists in the coffee house on the second to last night. The tour is pretty full, but we can still accommodate a few more if you are interested. Just go to to get all the information.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.57.18 AM

Our goal is to be as frugal as we can in building the coffee house so we can use any remaining funds to freshen up our sanctuary. We want to paint it and install a new floor. We want to impact the first impression that our visitors have—which means our old black floor must go!

My wife Elana took it upon herself to redo one of the most unattractive rooms in our building. The Heder Hanaka—room for nursing mothers. We wanted to bless our precious mothers and Elana put us to work. I wish I could show you the before pictures, so you can see the difference, but at least we have some nice after pictures. Elana did an amazing job.

Again, thank you so much for standing with us here in Tel Aviv! I know that by blessing Israel, God can’t help but bless you! He is faithful to His promises (Gen. 13:3). The restoration of the elder brother of the nations—Israel—is so dear to the Father’s heart.

Thank you!

Until all Israel is Saved! (Rom. 11:26),

Ron Cantor Tiferet Yeshua, Tel Aviv

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