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Two Orthodox Jewish men find their Messiah in Israel! 😃

God is moving on the Jewish people!

Third Day is the discipleship arm of Revive Israel in the greater Jerusalem area. Led by native Israeli Yuval and Valery Yanay, they are preparing to launch their second Discipleship Training Program. They use a combination of intense Bible study, serving the lost and working the land, much like the first Israeli chalutzim (pioneers) did during the early 1900’s, to see Yeshua imprinted upon the lives of these young Israeli believers.

One of the primary reasons young Israeli believers fall away is because of a lack of foundation. (Matt. 13)

I want to share with you about one of their new students. Why? Because through your generosity, Messiah’s Mandate is committed to covering his expenses.

Nir* grew up in an Orthodox home with four siblings. There was little, if any, love and much difficulty and strife at home. Eventually, Nir decided, together with one of his brothers, to search for something more. They left the Orthodox lifestyle—a move often accompanied by incredible guilt—and began a journey through eastern religions and any type of spirituality the world had to offer. One day, Nir’s brother joined a local martial arts club, where something unexpected happened. He heard about Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, for the first time. They both discovered the truth that Yeshua is the One promised to the Jewish people to bring freedom, forgiveness and peace. Since then, they have been zealously pursuing God, seeking to go deeper and get equipped. The two brothers live together without any connection to their family, but are believing one day for them all to be reunited in faith in Yeshua. While some Orthodox Jews remain in contact with family members who leave the fold, it is very common for them to be completely cut off. But wouldn’t it be great if Nir’s family found Yeshua, one by one? Nir has a deep hunger and desire to learn more about Yeshua in the Tanach (Old Testament), so he can use his rich knowledge of the Scriptures from his childhood, to reach more Orthodox Jews. He wants to be trained and know how to walk out his newfound faith in the Messiah.

“Since meeting believers in Yeshua, we discovered a new family and have received so much warmth and love from everyone,” Nir shared.

Let’s support Nir, and others like him, as he seeks to be equipped for the call on his life. Messiah’s Mandate exists to support Messianic Jewish ministries on the ground, in the land of Israel.

Through Messiah’s Mandate, you are supporting local Israeli pastors, Messianic congregations, Holocaust survivors, Jewish Evangelism and much more...

Through your generosity, we are having a powerful impact and changing lives…like Nir’s. Because of you, the gospel is going forth in Israel, once again, after 2,000 years! Please click the link below to make a difference in Nir’s life and in the lives of many others.

Thank you! May God bless you in the coming new year, abundantly!

Until all Israel is saved! (Romans 11:26),

Ron Cantor

President, Shelanu TV

Director, Messiah's Mandate

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