Left-wing activist tweets: ‘Jesus was Palestinian’. Netanyahu’s son calls her “stupid”

Palestinian American left-wing activist Linda Sarsour created a storm of controversy when she posted on Twitter last weekend that “Jesus was Palestinian.”

“Jesus was Palestinian of Nazareth and is described in the Quran as being brown copper skinned with wooly hair,” the anti-Israel political activist wrote.

The Twitter post evoked a flurry of responses many of them noting that Jesus was actually Jewish and was born in the region known as Judea. 

As the Jerusalem Post noted, “The latest attempt to push the ‘Jesus was Palestinian’ claim is not as innocent as it appears. It is a negation of Jewish history and a modern-day attempt at replacement theology: to replace historical Jewish connections to the land 2,000 years ago, recreating an imagined history of Palestinians in place of Jews.”

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a student of both the bible and history, chimed in.

“Are you that stupid? On the cross above Jesus’ head was the sign “INRI”- “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm”, which means in Latin—Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews! The Bible say that Jesus was born and raised in Judea!”

While he was born in Judea, technically he was raised in the Galilee, but … great to see the PMs son defending the Jewishness of Jesus.

Are you that stupid? On the cross above Jesus’ head was the sign “INRI”- “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm”, which means in Latin- Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews! The Bible say that Jesus was born and raised in Judea! pic.twitter.com/oHPWk3vXRX — Yair Netanyahu ?? (@YairNetanyahu) July 6, 2019

Sarsour, never to be dissuaded by truth, continued to defend her claim later saying, “Why so upset by the truth. Jesus was born in Bethlehem aka بيت لحم (Beit Lahim) in Arabic. Bethlehem is in Palestine. It’s currently militarily occupied by Israel and home to a predominately beautiful Palestinian Christian community. Yes, the birthplace of Jesus is under military occupation.”

But she failed to mention that there was no Palestinian state, nor Arabs living in the land, during the time of Jesus. Or that Jesus is part of the Israeli nation she is deriding. The claim that Jesus was Palestinian is frequently used to erode belief in the Jewish history of Israel. 

In this case, Sarsour also fails to mention that the “beautiful” Palestinian Christian community in Bethlehem is being driven out by the majority Muslim population. At one time 80 percent of Bethlehem was Christian. Now that is around 15%, as the Muslims have moved in since the PLO took over in the nineties. Her claim that “Jesus was Palestinian” was preceded a few months ago by the troublesome Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who made the same assertion in April.

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