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Lebanese blogger says Israel a cancer — after Israeli coverage of her anti-Hezbollah rant

Dima Sadek, a prominent blogger in Lebanon, called Israel a cancer after an Israeli website published her criticism of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terror organization based in Lebanon.

When we criticize nassrallah it is an interior Lebanese debate.But one thing is obvious we lebanese will be united around the resistant against any Israeli attack!Israel is a cancer and the Israeli apartheid system is a shame! ⁦@TimesofIsrael — Dima ديما صادق (@DimaSadek) August 10, 2020

Since the devastating blast at the Beirut port on Aug. 4, Lebanese citizens have poured into the streets to protest a corrupt government which is partially comprised of Hezbollah, which has taken the brunt of their anger.

Sadek publishing a video on Twitter lambasting Hezbollah. She addressed the organization’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, after his speech denying claims that Hezbollah was responsible for the port explosion.

“I want to tell you one thing: if you can answer this question for the Lebanese people, then I swear, we will all bow down to you — I will bow down to you if you can answer this question,” she said. “What has Israel done against us that’s worse than you? Answer me.”

But since her comments went viral and were reported in Israeli media, she said her comments were part of “internal debate,” and she called Israel an apartheid state.

“When we criticize Nassrallah it is an interior Lebanese debate. But one thing is obvious we Lebanese will be united around the resist[ance] against any Israeli attack!” Sadek wrote on Twitter, linking to the Times of Israel on her previous comments. “Israel is a cancer and the Israeli apartheid system is a shame!”

Sadek has more than 621,000 followers and her video was viewed more than 730,000 times by Tuesday.

In the interview Sadek insisted, “It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hezbollah is worse for Lebanon than Israel. My problem with Israel isn’t political, but moral. I don’t agree with its treatment of the Palestinians.” No word on how she feels about the discrimination that the other Arab countries project against Palestinians. They’re second class citizens in virtually every Arab state where they reside. At least Israel tried to help them build an economy, but they decided that terror brought in more money from other nations.

She accused Nasrallah of flatly lying about Hezbollah’s culpability for the blast. “Hezbollah controls everything in this country. They know exactly what was at the port.”

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