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"Jesus was a Palestinian" and Other Crazy Signs that the Palestinian Authority has "Jesus Envy"

Rewriting history is not just something the New York Times and the "1619 Project" are doing in America. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been doing it since its inception (which to be clear was recently, not millenia ago!)—starting with creating a people group called "Palestinians" when no such nation of people has ever existed. And every Christmas, the PA leaders take every opportunity they can to tell people that

Jesus was not a Jewish rabbi but a Palestinian prophet.

Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), recently wrote a piece for The Jerusalem Post detailing the strange obsession the PA has with "all things Jewish"—including Jesus.

"Palestinian Authority Jesus envy is just one component of the Palestinian's obsessive Israel/Judaism envy. Indeed, PA leaders are so jealous of everything Jewish that they have created an entire Palestinian heritage in the image of Jewish heritage," Marcus said. "The PA falsely teaches its people that Palestinians are a 5,000-year-old nation…that was invaded by the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans, and yet the Palestinians survived. Jewish history, in a nutshell, is all falsified as Palestinian history."

While the Bible clearly shows that Jesus (Yeshua) was a Jewish rabbi living in Israel and Judea, the PA doesn't let the facts (or archaeological finds) get in the way of their narrative.

Just before Christmas, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said, "We celebrate the birth of Jesus, a Palestinian."

PA Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem issued "blessings to the Christian communities…for this holiday. The holiday of the birth of the Palestinian prophet Jesus."

It gets even more outrageous. Fatah (the terrorist group currently running the PA) posted on their Facebook page: "There is no doubt that the Jesus Christ you worship as God is the great grandfather of the Palestinian people." What?! Even though the Bible never speaks of Jesus marrying or having children, the PA has Him having children, all of whom are Palestinian, not Jewish?

The PA official daily publication called Jesus the "forefather" of Palestinians—and they hijacked another Christian holiday, Easter (which actually is Passover originally, but that's for another day). "Easter…is not a holiday only for Christian Palestinians but a holiday for Palestinian nationalism because Jesus is…the virtuous patriotic Palestinian forefather…The Palestinians, Jesus's descendants, rose from the ashes, like the phoenix."

They've also turned Jesus into a Palestinian terrorist. "Jesus was a messenger of Allah, and he was the first Palestinian fida'i (self-sacrificing fighter)," according to the PA daily in 2020. And consistency, of course, doesn't matter. One senior PA leader claimed on his Facebook page that "Jesus, the Messiah, (was) the first Palestinian (even though they claim a 5,000-year history?) and the first Shahid (an Islamic martyr who goes to Islamic paradise and gets 72 virgins)."

This year, the PA even made up a song with some catchy lyrics— "Jesus is a Palestinian. Those (Jews) who fought him 2,000 years ago are now destroying his people." The Mufti (religious leader) said, "Jesus was born in Palestine…Jesus is a Palestinian par excellence."

Palestinian Media Watch also has documented how the PA has depicted Palestinians on a crucifix in their political cartoons. And Jesus isn't the only Christmas figure the PA has misappropriated. They even got Santa Claus in on the act—PMW found at least seven cartoons where Santa is being abused or murdered by Israeli soldiers.

And Fatah is teaching all of this to the children. Waed, a magazine for children ages 6 to 15, uses this made-up history of the Palestinians to justify and incite Israel's destruction. One article in Waed said: "Palestine underwent dozens of invasions, and many peoples entered it...In the end, Palestine fell under the Zionist occupation. The occupation will cease to exist just as what was before it ceased to exist."

Marcus concludes his editorial by saying: "As long as the PA continues to deny the thousands of years of the Jewish people's history in the land—including the fact that Jesus was a Judean—and uses this as a basis to deny Israel the right to exist, a peace process has yet to begin."

Once again it is clear that Jesus the Messiah was the first victim of identity theft!

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