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Israeli Lawmaker Stands in Solidarity with Iranian Protestors—Publicly Cuts Hair

Knesset Member Sharren Haskel cut off some of her hair to stand with the Iranian people while speaking at the International Christian Embassy Feast of Tabernacles this week. (Photo Credit ICEJ...see their Feast of Tabernacles conference here:

This week, while addressing an international gathering of Christians in Jerusalem, Israeli Knesset Member Sharren Haskel took a dramatic stand of solidarity with Iranian women and children by publicly cutting a few locks of her hair. In addition, Haskel (with the New Hope party) called on the Christian audience to appeal to their governments back home to advocate for women’s freedoms in the Islamic Republic.

As reported by our friends at All Israel News, Haskel spoke to 2,000 Christians at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICFJ) Feast of Tabernacles gathering Tuesday night. Hair cutting has become a symbol of solidarity around the globe with the women and children in Iran who are petitioning the government for more freedom.

The movement in Iran began in September when a 22-year-old woman was murdered while in the custody of the “Morality Police.” Since then, thousands of women and children have risked their lives, taking to the streets in protest of Iran’s strict Sharia Law demands on women, especially in public places. It is believed that at least 200 protestors—including children—have been killed, many shot as they marched in the streets. In addition, Iranian women have been removing the mandatory hijab, burning head coverings, and cutting their hair.

While there is little that Israel can do diplomatically to support the women in Iran, Haskel said she is very moved by their plight and is calling on Christians and the governments of their nations—particularly the West—to do something.

“Just watching the Iranian women and children in the last few days and how brave they are, risking their own lives to march down the street to ask for their freedom and fight for their own future, is heart-wrenching,” Haskel said. “They are the ones who can make that difference. They are the ones who have the power to influence their government to make that change for those little girls. That is the most important thing at the moment.”

The Knesset member said she was moved by the bravery of the protestors. Iran is claiming that the unrest in the Islamic Republic is the due to instigation by the US and Israel. Haskel didn’t want her actions to feed into that narrative, but she didn’t want to stand by and do nothing. Appealing to a group of international Christians seemed like the right move.

“That was an opportunity to send that message all over the globe because there are important representatives from parliaments, ministers, and religious leaders who understand how important it is to fight for freedom of religion to be able to worship God as you see fit. It has to touch their hearts and, from this place, the message can go out.”

Before making the surprise move of cutting off some of her hair, Haskel used most of her speech before the ICEJ group to focus on the situation in Iran.

“I want to take advantage of this stage to share this message because of you. I would like you to ask, to demand for your governments and elected officials to stand by the Iranian people at this time and to help them attain the freedom they so deserve.”

In what is believed to be the first action of its kind for an Israeli lawmaker, Haskel pulled out a pair of scissors at the end of her speech and cut off several locks of hair. The crowd gasped and then jumped to their feet in applause.

“In the light of these protests, I would like to join them in a global movement: Jin, Jiad, Azadi. Women. Life. Freedom,” Haskel said in Persian and English.

“Children and women are leading this protest, and they are going down the streets where they are being shot point-blank. More than 200 have died, but 20 of them are little children.”

“There are not enough words to describe the respect I have for these women and these girls,” Haskel said.

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