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Israel is building Wall… And we don’t need Mexico to pay for it!

After five Palestinians infiltrated into Israel from the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday, Israel announced that it began building an upgraded security barrier along Israel’s most explosive border last week.

“The barrier is unique and especially suited to threats from the Gaza Strip and will provide a maximum response to prevent entry into Israeli territory,” Brig.-Gen. Eran Ophir, head of the army’s fence-building administration, said.

The fence will be 40 miles (65 kilometers) and will reach 20 feet high. Israeli’s smart-fence is being built in addition to two others: an underground barrier, which contains advanced sensor and monitoring devices to detect tunnels and a naval barrier meant to prevent infiltrations from the sea.

“At the end of last week, we began the construction of the barrier on the Gaza border,” said Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The barrier will prevent the infiltration of terrorists from Gaza into our territory. Those in Gaza have to understand that if they do not keep quiet, we will not hesitate to act.”

Palestinians fired 1,000 rockets at Israel in 2018 and have staged violent protests at the border over the past 10 months in addition to launching incendiary devices over the border that have caused fires in Israeli communities around the border.

Hamas isn’t the only terrorist group operating in Gaza. Islamic Jihad released footage of an Israeli officer being shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper two weeks ago during clashes at the border. The officer, thankfully, was saved by his helmet, which stopped the bullet.

Ironically though, Islamic Jihad spokesman Daud Shehab said the release of the video was meant “to expose some of the daily Israeli violations of the most basic human rights.”

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