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Israel Defeats 4th Wave of COVID—Top Scientists Predicts 6+ Months of Quiet

After another peak of 11,800 cases a day in Israel on September 13, new cases of COVID-19 are down to about 1,500 a day now, and the serious cases and the death rate is half what it was a month ago. Dr. Yael Paran, deputy head of epidemiology at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, believes the fourth wave of coronavirus in Israel is coming to an end, and the Delta variant is a conquered foe.

"I think we're seeing the end of the fourth surge, and it's the result of three million taking a booster," Paran said. "This is a decrease that we believe will continue."

Top virologist and immunologist Dr. Rivka Abulafia-Lapid, a senior doctor at Hadassah Medical Center and a faculty member at Hebrew University agrees with Dr. Paran's assessment, and she believes that future variants will not get much traction, thanks to the high immunization rate in Israel.

"My estimate is that once we have three vaccines, protection will last for a year," said Abulafia-Lapid. "There should be good memory in the body for around a year that can fight off COVID infection in many cases."

Abulafia-Lapid said she thinks COVID is here to stay and will become a part of the seasonal medical landscape, much like the flu. And getting a booster shot every six to twelve months will become routine. "It's going to be like flu, and every year we're going to have shots against specific strains that we anticipate ahead of time."

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