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Israel Condemned by the UN More than ALL Other Countries Combined Last Year

In case you weren’t sure that the UN has a bias against Israel, a tally of last year’s censures by the world body shows that the United Nations voted to condemn Israel 15 times. That may not sound like a lot, but when you compare it to the 13 other censures handed out by the UN to all the other nations combined (especially in light of Russia invading Ukraine and killing thousands of civilians, China continuing to systematically exterminate the Uyghurs, an Islamic minority in the communist country and Iran’s deadly crackdown protestors), you may start to wonder about the UN’s lopsided obsession with the Jewish state.

On the world stage, which countries were the target of UN censures? Russia (rightly so) received six condemnations for its ongoing war with Ukraine. Several countries—including the US—received one citation each: North Korea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria, Iran, and the US. Other hotspot areas in the world (for either regional conflicts or human rights violations), such as Saudi Arabia, China, Lebanon, Turkey, Venezuela, and Qatar, were not even given a “dishonorable” mention.

Over the last seven years, the UN’s General Assembly has passed 140 resolutions condemning Israel for something, most often about its treatment of the Palestinians.

In the same timeframe (since 2015), the United Nations has passed 68 resolutions against the rest of the world, according to a group called UN Watch.

Just last Friday, the UN called on the International Court of Justice to look into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s UN envoy, called this latest resolution a “moral stain,” and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “despicable decision” that would not hinder Israel.

In 2022, the UN dinged Israel for things like nuclear proliferation, pollution in Lebanon, and being in the “occupied Syrian Golan.”

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