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Israel allegedly set’s up Fake ISIS cell in Gaza for intelligence!

A Hamas military commander, who was allegedly operating as a spy for Israel, is believed to have been smuggled by boat out of Gaza, causing pandemonium among security officials in the coastal enclave.

Sources told the Palestinian news website Amad that the man, who headed Hamas’s commando frogman unit, apparently fled into Israel via the Mediterranean Sea on an Israel army boat, reports said on Saturday. The Palestinian, named as Izz a-Din Badr, was a senior member of Hamas’ Naval Commando unit.

Around the same time as Badr’s alleged escape, Hamas arrested members of an Islamic State (ISIS) cell which Palestinians claim was actually being run by Israeli intelligence. Sources claim that Muhammad Abu Ajawa — who was a senior Hamas military commander — began working with Israeli intelligence agencies in 2009. He was discovered only recently when he asked his brother to collect cash that was left near a garbage bin.

The depth of Israel’s possible infiltration into Hamas’ intelligence organizations appears to be rocking the terror organization, which runs the Gaza Strip. These two incidents sent Hamas into a state of “security hysteria.” Hamas security forces have seized nearly $500,000 in cash and many electronic devices designated for espionage and eavesdropping, according to reports.

While Israel has always had eyes and ears in Ramallah, spying the PLO, it has been much harder getting into Gaza, as it is sealed off. However, it appears the Jewish state has been lived up to its famed reputation regarding spy craft.

“Investigations are continuing secretly amid fears that senior commanders of Hamas’s military wing may be involved with the spy network,” the sources said.

The report came after Arab media reported that Hamas uncovered an ISIS plot to carry out attacks in the Gaza Strip against Hamas institutions. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry announced the cell’s arrest.

“As part of its duty to maintain the stability of the security situation in the Gaza Strip and to confront the attempts by the Israeli occupation and its agents to penetrate the home front, the security services managed to discover a cell, directed by the Israeli occupation, as it was carrying out a sabotage action against resistance elements,” the Interior Ministry said. “The security services spotted suspicious movements of a number of people during the past few days and began intensive investigations and operations to track these people, which led to their arrest after a security operation that lasted for several days and the confiscation of technical equipment and money they used to carry out missions inside the Gaza Strip.”

Many sources close to Hamas are attributing this cell’s existence to Israel.

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