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Islamic Temper Tantrums Must Stop

What if this were real news: “Two Saudi pilots, training with US Forces at Pensacola Navel Air Station were recently caught burning a New Testament. In response, Christians have beheaded several US Muslims. ‘We will rid the world of these infidels,’ said Christian Domination Fund leader (not real organization) John. B. White.

“Leaders from around the Arab world have sought to reassure the US that Islam has the highest regard for Christianity. President Obama won’t hear it. He is on the warpath and considering cutting all ties with the Arab world. He has refused an audience with Saudi Arabian envoys and the masses in America are calling for a Holy War against the Muslim nations.”

Okay…that was fake…you know that, but that is exactly how the Muslim world in the east has reacted towards the US when a couple of soldiers burned a Koran several weeks ago by accident! In fact, the reason they were being discarded, as I understand it, was that Afghan Muslim detainees had defaced the books when they used pages in it to pass messages! Two thousand angry Afghans surrounded the US military base chanting “die, foreigner, die”—others were hurling rocks. (Meanwhile, no word on if the Afghans care that the books were defaced beforehand by Afghans!)

Since then six US Soldiers have been murdered in Afghanistan in retaliation—and there is very little outrage. President Obama continues to apologize while ignoring the ridiculous overreaction from Muslims. Islamic Imams in Afghanistan are calling for the US to put the soldiers on trial. How about we put them on trial for allowing rape, murder and treating women like garbage?

Ret. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters said, “Soldiers and marines are being killed and maimed every day and you know what thanks they get. What makes me furious? Even General Allen tells them, ‘Oh, you’ve got to respect the Afghan culture.’ What culture is there to respect? It’s barbaric. It’s degenerate. It’s murderous. Our troops deserve a better deal than being admonished to respect the Afghan culture and go out and get yourself killed and maimed to help people who don’t want you there.”

While I condemn the burning of the Koran—it is stupid and provocative and should have been avoided—I much more strongly condemn the childish temper tantrum and the killing of soldiers who had nothing to do with it by Afghan Muslims. When will we stand up to this nonsense? While I understand that Muslims are upset—I would be too if someone burned a Bible—I WOULDN’T KILL THEM!

Muslims in the East want all the tolerance and respect that they don’t even pretend to give other religions. They will kill you, but you can’t draw a picture of Mohamed. They will kidnap you and hold you for ransom, but don’t hurt the Koran. We have become so scared of their reactions that our politicians apologize to them, when they aren’t even sorry.

Since President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo, has Islamic fundamentalism lessened? No, it is out of control. You can’t appease a spoiled child.

There are children in the world whose parents are intimidated by them. They don’t do chores, they scream whenever you try to encourage them to take responsibility and at that slightest provocation they will yell, “I hate you” at their parents. The parents become worn out and end up not disciplining their child, as they should. They are scared of the child’s overreaction.

This is the west and the Muslim world. Muslims behead Christians and we say nothing. Muslims murder other Muslims and we say nothing. Women are raped and sold into marriage at ages as low as 10 years old and we say nothing. Fathers murder their daughters to save face in honor killings and we say nothing. Women are stoned for immorality and we say nothing.

But two Americans burn a Koran by accident and the entire Muslim world is outraged! Talk about unequal weights and measures. We in the west have become the intimidated parents who will do everything not to provoke the Muslim world in fear of a negative reaction. It is time for President Obama and the European leaders to get some parenting lessons!

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